Coaching in PUBG
Play with PRO Players
1.Have fun and grow your skill
2.Learn from the best and master the game
3. Get detailed replays or real-time analysis
Meet your new teammates
Buy your first hours of coaching. Then you choose what you want your session to be: you can focus on specific champion, specific role, a certain part of the game you want to improve or just your overall winrate.
Get started
How does it work?
Meet PRO Player
We connect you with a player that you requested or find one that fits your goal. You chat with him about your expectations and tell him about the challenges you face. You set the map of your session:
  • Start with theory and then practice what you've learned
  • Play a few matches and then discuss how it went
  • Just skip all that and have fun playing in a party with a PRO
And 3...
Play with the best and become a beast!
Our process is designed so that your personal gaming skills grow while having as much fun as possible
What You Learn
In-game communication
Resource management
Avoiding tilt
When to rush into action and when to turtle
Quick decision-making
Setting goals
What to do in early, mid and late-game
Shortcuts and micro-optimization
Play with the players from top 1% and become the best
Frequently Asked Questions
How do ranked games work?
You can play with our PROs on Survivor mode or ask them to play at lower ranks. The rules of the game allow you to create and develop additional game accounts, so PRO's can play with you from their alternative low-rated accounts. Please note that our mission is to match your skills with your rank. This is not a carry service where you can relax while your teammates do all the work. Our PROs will advise you during the game and pause between games to analyze what you and the whole team can do to improve your skills. You will be a key player.
Do you guarantee any ranks, levels, etc?
We do not guarantee any ranks, levels, achievements, etc. We only guarantee that all of our players are proven professionals who will play in your team and train you for a specific number of hours in Ranked, Unranked or Spectated modes.
The difference between 1 and 2 PRO's
Playing with 2 PRO's is 2 times more expensive than with 1. Obviously, x2 makes your team stronger and allows you to utilize 2 times as much experience. If you use the 2 PRO option for Spectated games, they can teach you together for 1 hour or hone your skills one at a time for 1 hour each. If you play Unranked or Ranked - this is a guarantee that you will play with 2 players at the same time in a good comp.
Isn't this cheating? Are there any risks?
Our players do not use cheat programs and do not violate game rules. Our goal is to make a great player out of you, increase your involvement in the gameplay and help you enjoy the game.
How do you assign PRO's? Can I choose them by myself?
After the first payment, we receive your ID and analyze your PUBG profile data using open sources. Based on this data, and data of our PRO players, we automatically select the most suitable players for your request. You can also choose your own teammates, a full list and availability of our PRO's will be available on your Legionfarm account.
Available for Windows, Xbox and PS4.
Our services are available for Windows, Xbox and PS4.
When can we play?
You can start right now. The average start time is 10-15 minutes if you make quick start request. You can also set your own timeline for gaming sessions, depending on your wishes or the schedule of the particular PRO player you have selected. Legionfarm has a simple and convenient planning system.
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I am very happy with the player I got. He was very good and I learned a lot. Ended a very bad losestreak and finally got to specialis.
Asaoki Kitashi
The player I was assigned is an absolute monster. After the session I got much better at managing my resources and battle-building. Huge props to him.
Just wanted to try, but ended up learning few great tricks. The player also changed my view of the game. 100% will try again.
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